Controlling light
through technology

For ColorMatic®, we work tirelessly to push the technological boundaries of photochromic performance - driven by German engineering.
High Performance

Photochromic molecules that react to UV light

ColorMatic® provides innovative photochromic lenses with high-performance technology, offering protection against harmful UV light, artificial blue light, and glare. When UV light hits the surface of the lens, the high-end photochromic molecules on the lens surface react. As the molecules change the structure and adapt to the changing light conditions, the lens modifies from clear to dark. When the wearer returns indoors, the lens automatically turns clear again. This ensures that the optimal amount of light is let through the lens, optimising the wearer’s visual comfort.
Experience our ColorMatic® portfolio.

ColorMatic® X

Our fastest and clearest photochromic lenses yet

ColorMatic® X fades from its maximum absorption to full clarity faster than any previous ColorMatic® generation – more specifically it is 54% faster than the previous generation. Whether commuting, working inside or doing free-time activities outside, our lenses provide protection, convenience and comfort – faster and clearer than ever before.

New: ColorMatic® X

Faster & Clearer

Indoors, ColorMatic® X achieves market-leading clarity of up to 95%* with lenses so clear that wearers don’t even notice they are wearing photochromic lenses indoors. As they walk outdoors, the lenses instantly react to light conditions, reaching a maximum absorption of up to 88%.

New: ColorMatic® X

The perfect fit for everyday use

The combination of speed, darkening and clarity makes ColorMatic® X the ultimate lenses for everyday use. Whether commuting, working in office or doing free-time activities, our lenses provide protection, convenience and comfort – faster and clearer than ever before.

ColorMatic® X is currently available in the two most popular colours, Smoky Grey and Chestnut Brown.

ColorMatic® 3

Lenses for a new level of convenience

With a rich heritage in German engineering, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. With 30% faster fade-back time compared to previous generations, ColorMatic® 3 increases visual comfort for the wearer.

Up to 88% absorption

Colour: Chestnut Brown

Crystal-clear when not darkened.

When darkened in sunlight: Improved contrast perception. Very good anti-glare protection. Warm, classic colour.

Index: 1.54, 1.60, 1.67




ColorMatic® 3

Everyday lenses that automatically turn to sunglasses.

Indoors: ColorMatic® lenses are fully clear.

Outdoors: ColorMatic® lenses are fully dark, with up to 88% absorption.

Up to 90% absorption

Colour: Contrast Orange

Basic tint in the shade: Comfortable anti-glare protection. High contrast enhancement. Brightening effect in dark environments (e.g. in the forest).

When darkened in sunlight: Very good anti-glare protection. High contrast enhancement. Ideal for all sports and outdoor activities. Stylish colour.

Index: 1.60




ColorMatic® 3 Sun

Intelligent sunglasses that adapt to sunlight

Cloudy conditions: ColorMatic® Sun lenses adapt and turn semi-clear, absorbing approximately 50-60% of light.

Bright sunlight: ColorMatic® Sun lenses absorb up to 90% of light.

ColorMatic® 3

Engineered to suit all situations

Many photochromic lenses are too dark to wear in cloudy environments. With a slightly higher level of clarity outside in cloudy conditions, ColorMatic® lenses are fine-tuned to ensure that they are also usable in cloudy conditions.

ColorMatic® 3

Better contrast in all situations

ColorMatic® photochromic lenses are designed to optimise contrast levels by controlling the amount of blue light transmitted through the lens. This limits the amount of scattered blue light entering the eye and leads to sharper vision.

Our ColorMatic® 3 lenses are available in different colours designed for unique situations, offering varying levels of contrast. Blue and grey are low-contrast colours that provide a very natural feel, while our green mid-contrast colour strikes a balance between a natural feel and increased contrast. Brown, as one of our high-contrast colours, increases both the warmth of colour and the contrast.

ColorMatic® 3: A photochromic technology with top performance on all parameters

Across a range of key parameters, ColorMatic® 3 matches the performance of the leading competitors.

  • Competitor latest generation (01/2024)
  • ColorMatic® 3

Base clarity

Indoor activity
(next to window)

Outdoor clarity
at overcast sky (3°C)

Outdoor darkening
at bright sun (23°C)



Blue light

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Your partner beyond photochromic technology

ColorMatic® offers more than just photochromic technology. Trust, reliability and innovation are ingrained into our brand backed by a long heritage in German engineering. With ColorMatic®, you can trust that both products and services always meet the highest standards.

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*Based on internal data on index 1.60